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Agritourism is Changing Family Travel Trends in a Unique Way

Summer Family Travel in 2023

As the school year ends and families are itching to get outdoors and explore, the search for something new to do this summer is always a challenge. Not only are beaches and theme parks crowded, but popular vacation destinations are becoming increasingly expensive. This trend is leaving families to choose between fun and finances. But what if there was a way for families to have fun, learn something new, and spend very little in comparison to a beach vacation? And, all while creating memories that last a lifetime? Enter one of the newest family travel trends, Agritourism.

Agritourism Travel is somewhat of a new trend in the tourism industry. It involves traveling to more rural areas to experience farms, wineries, ranches, and a slower pace of life. Most importantly, it educates visitors about growing food, food production, raising animals, and becoming good stewards of the land. These tend to be novel experiences, meaning each one is different depending on the destination. Not only is it a boon to the tourism industry, but it’s also a way for farmers and ranch owners to bring in extra funds to help support farm expenses.

The agritourism industry was estimated at $58.8 billion in 2022. By 2028, that number is expected to more than double. Because so many families are looking for alternative, experiential, and off-the-beaten-path travel destinations, more rural areas are drawing visitors. Here are the top agritourism travel trends for families this summer.

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Family Travel Trends – #1 Experiential Travel

Have you ever heard someone say that travel “changed them?” Families are continuing to seek experiences that are not only different from their norm but life-changing. Experiential travel allows parents and kids alike to “live a day in the life of” a farmer, rancher, farm sanctuary operator, or rural community member. Getting to experience daily farm life allows for a more mindful understanding of agriculture and taking care of the land for future generations. There are several ways that families can participate and bring home memories that are indeed life-changing.

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Family Travel Trends – #2 Farm Stays

Farm stays are where travelers can stay overnight on a working farm. Don’t worry if, at first, this sounds less than appealing. I promise you won’t be sleeping in a barn! Far from it, as most farm stays include gracious accommodations in a private dwelling somewhere on the property. Farm tours, activities, and even farm chores are usually part of the package.

Kids can experience what it’s like to gather eggs from the chicken coop for morning breakfast or help feed and milk the goats. Some ranches allow visitors to embrace their inner cowboy by accompanying ranch hands on a cattle drive. Still, others offer cooking classes using ingredients just picked from the field or wine tasting from local vineyards. Whatever your style of accommodation, there’s a farm stay for your family out there somewhere. Still not convinced? Read about this New Mexico family’s first-time farm stay experience.

Family Travel Trends – #3 Sustainable Travel

Becoming aware of our environmental footprint through travel is the root of learning about sustainability. Rural destinations and farms are the perfect places to first experience eco-friendly practices like composting. Many farms use renewable energy like solar or wind turbines to power guest homes. Teaching kids how to take a two-minute shower in order to preserve water or separate veggie scraps into bins for composting increases their awareness of environmental impact.

Gathering firewood for fuel, using bicycles for transportation, unplugging to conserve electricity, and playing board games instead of video games teach children the art of sustainable travel. Who knows? Some of these practices may just find their way home with your family as well.

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Regenerative Travel For Hands-on Families

Regenerative travel is perfect for families who enjoy working together. This type of travel goes beyond sustainable travel by taking part in a community-based activity such as rebuilding hiking trails or helping to restore biodiversity within a community’s ecosystem. This type of hands-on, mission-driven travel is popular in third-world countries that lack the money and resources to complete projects in a timely manner.

Taking part in a larger project within an unfamiliar community is a great way for kids to experience compassion and embrace cultural differences. Seeing what life is like in other parts of the USA or the world evokes a sense of appreciation not often found in more popular summer travel destinations. Coming away with a sense of pride and accomplishment by helping the less fortunate is most certainly a worthy travel memory. Here’s a list of the top 5 biodiversity destinations at regenerative locations worldwide.

No matter which direction your family chooses to go, blending Agritourism Travel into your summer vacation is bound to create memories that last a lifetime. After all, learning more about our world, its people, and its vastly changing food supply will give the kiddos ideas for essays when school starts again in the fall. I bet their version of “What I Did This Summer” will stand head and shoulders above most.

So which would you choose? What sounds most interesting to your family? Let us know in the comments below. Happy Travels!


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