About Our Mission

Hi! I’m Colleen O’Neill Mulvihill, CEO of AgritourismTravel.com

Welcome to Agritourism Travel – Celebrating Farms That Feed the World

Our mission is simple: Celebrate the farmers that feed the world by highlighting their farms as a way of connecting what you eat with where it comes from!

This site was born out of a love for travel and food, mixed with a great appreciation for the farmers who feed us. After all, no farms – no food. If you’ve ever wanted to live “a day in the life of a farmer,” you can find ways to support local farms, wineries, and seasonal stops by following where our travel writers are taking you.

How You Can Help

We welcome your feedback. We are always searching for the best agritourism spots across the globe. Have an idea? Contact us! You are part of a wonderful community here. You can support farms by booking a stay at any of the farms we highlight on our website and purchasing items from the farm.

Agritourism Travel CEO, Colleen O'Neill Mulvihill

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