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5 Best Agritourism Travel Tips

From what to wear to how to drive

Agritourism travel is unique. It’s a fun way to experience a country or your own. But like all things in the great outdoors, sometimes you need to dress for the occasion as they say. Comfy boots for being on your feet or walking more than you normally do. Light breathable fabrics so you can stay cooler and reduce those sweat stains no one ever wants to get caught with.

Or, if it’s a large farm stay, orchards, or even cattle station in the Australian outback, you may need to be able to handle a stick, drive a 4WD and make sure there’s someone with you who knows how to drive through a creek.

What to pack.

We’ll cover things you don’t normally think of. Boots to wear, bug sprays, and tick deterrents, it’s gross but hey, that’s a beautiful part of nature. They live there too so we’re just making your time as comfortable as possible.

Now, your set.

Rest easy, now you’re set for an awesome agritourism travel trip.


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