Farm Stays

Cultivate unforgettable memories through farm stays, where every moment becomes a harvest of experiences.

Farm stay is a wonderful and unique way to travel. It allows you to form a deep connection with the earth and the families that have worked it for generations. Travelers can create experiences like planting rice fields in Cambodia, then enjoying a buffalo cart ride home at sunset.

Apple picking and cider making during the fall foliage season at a family farm in Vermont.

Or, an Tuscan farm in Italy where you can take a cooking classes taught by world class chefs. No matter what your dream farm stay, the memories, and friendships formed last a lifetime. You can enjoy a farm stay anywhere in the world.

Here at Agrtiourism Travel, our travel writers love farm stays. Staying at a farm provides such a rich cultural experience during travel.

Discover the warmth of a farm family greeting you as you arrive with a basket of frest baked muffins. Cozy into a room adorned with handmade soaps, heirloom quilts, and comfy beds.

Cultivate friendships that are formed through deep human connection. Easily embrace the feeling of supporting a family while enjoying eco-friendly travel.

Our Pictures​

Take a look at some pictures captured on our travels.

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A house in the middle of a farm field under a beautiful blue sky

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We can help you fit your stay and experience within your allotted budget. Colleen is also a travel coach, and can help you plan a life-changing agritourism travel adventure to your specifications.

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